Guided Arizona Bear Hunts - Fall Bear Hunting

Guided Arizona Bear Hunts - Fall Bear Hunting

Hound/Spot and Stalk

Hound/Spot and Stalk Bear Hunts

If you're looking for a big color-phase boar, Arizona is the spot. We will be using hounds in the morning and glass for bears in the evenings.  The typical day consist of leaving camp right at day light in search of a track to put the dogs on. Once the bear is treed, we will make our way to the dogs for a closer look before deciding you want to harvest that particular bear. Depending on what food sources the bears are utilizing during that time of year, making stalks can be very productive as well. Some areas open as early as the second week in August. If you enjoy hunting with a bow, there is an archery only season open from late August through September. Majority of rifle hunts will take place in October. These are action filled hunts that will make memories and stories that last a lifetime. 

$4250 - 5 Day Hunt

  • Over the counter tags
  • Drive in Camp
  • 1x1 (one hunter per guide)
  • Meals included

No Trophy fees

Price does not include license fees


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