Guided Elk Hunts in Wyoming

Guided Elk Hunts in Wyoming

Elk Hunting Wyoming


Bighorn Mountains Guided Elk Hunts

Rifle elk hunts start on October 15th of each year and go through November 4th. These are 5-day hunts based out of a drive-in camp. We will be hunting out of a UTV's or horseback if you are comfortable riding. Getting off the beaten path, glassing canyons, and covering as much country as possible is the ticket to connecting with big bulls. You can expect to see many elk throughout your trip. 300 class and above are the bulls we are after. Typically, during this time of year the snow and cold set in, making ideal elk hunting conditions. You can expect to return back to camp every night. See Trip Planner for more info

Archery elk hunts are September 1st of each year and go through September 30th. From experience, glassing and calling during this time of year, will give us the highest success rate. Camp set up will be the same as the rifle hunts, for more information on our camp set up, please see the Trip Planner tab. UTV's are the most common type of transportation, if you are comfortable riding horses, this gives you an advantage, we will put them to use as much as possible to get into the back country away from any other hunters. 

Preference Points

Preference Points

Wyoming Game and Fish, utilizes a preference point system, designed to improve an applicant's odds of eventually drawing a high demand license. Seventy-five percent (75%) of available license in each hunt area and license type are allocated to the preference point drawing. Applicants with the highest preference point ranking will receive priority in the preference point drawing. The other twenty-five (25%) percent of tags goes to a random draw.

Preference Points 7+ to draw most years

Don't get discouraged if you do not have enough preference points for this area, we can always submit you for the random draw.

Shell Valley Outfitters will assist you with preference points and applying for you license.

Feel free to call and discuss anytime. 

All Inclusive Elk Hunting Packages Wyoming

6 Day Hunt Packages

$7,000 Type 1 (October 15th - November 4th)

$8,000 Type 2 (November 5th - November 20th)

$7,000 Type 3 (September 1st - October 14th) 

This includes:

  • Lodging and meals
  • Caping and quartering
  • Transportation to and from Cody Regional Airport if needed
  • Transportation of game to meat locker and Taxidermist in our Area

No trophy fee or hidden cost

Price does not include License Fees or Lodging/Sales Tax


Pack Services

Pack Services on Big Horn National Forest for DIY Elk Hunts

A packing service for DIY elk hunters provides an experienced outfitter who helps hunters pack their gear and supplies into the backcountry for a successful elk hunt. The outfitters are knowledgeable about the terrain and the best hunting spots, and they can also provide tips and advice to help hunters increase their chances of success.

The service typically includes the provision of pack animals via horses and an experienced outfitter to assist with loading and securing gear onto the pack animals and retrieval and packing out of elk meat and other items after a successful hunt. 

By utilizing our packing services, DIY hunters can reduce the physical strain of carrying heavy gear into the backcountry and allow them to focus on the hunt itself. Our outfitters can also provide In-Reach, a satellite phone to check in and make sure everything is going smoothly to ensure a safe and secure experience.

Packages for this service will be customized and pricing per individual group.

Unit 41

Where We Hunt in WY

Looking for the Top Area to Elk Hunt in Wyoming?

At Shelly Valley Outfitters we hunt area 41 which includes rolling hills and flats in the Bighorn Basin and also steep canyons and mountains with rolling hills in the Bighorn Mountains. Topography within the hunt area ranges from 3,800 to 11,400 feet. 

Most of the elk in unit 41 are in the wilderness areas of the Bighorn Mountains so it is best to hire a guide. 

Contact us to plan your hunt.

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What is Wilderness Land in Wyoming?

Wilderness land in Wyoming is a type of public land that has been designated as protected with restrictions on human development and activity to preserve its natural state. Elk hunting is allowed in some wilderness area but have specific regulations and permits. 

The main difference between public and wilderness land in Wyoming for elk hunting is the level of regulation and restriction, with wilderness land having stricter measures in place to preserve its natural state. 

Can non residents hunt on Wilderness Land in Wyoming?

Wyoming state law requires non-residents to hunt with a resident guide in designated wilderness areas. 

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