Trip Planner

Trip Planner

Beginning your Adventure

The nearest populated town that we will be hunting from is Greybull, Wyoming. 

Outfitter will provide:

  • Free travel to and from Cody Regional Airport to clients lodging
  • Travel each day to and from lodging from hunt
  • Lodging and Meals while on hunt
  • Water and snacks kept in motor vehicle throughout the length of the hunt


Elk Camp - Elk, Moose, and Lion hunters will stay here September 1st through November 4th unless other arrangements are made.

Accessible by 4x4 Vehicle 

Our camp is as centrally located as possible in elk country with an elevation of 7000 feet (often winter-like conditions). You can expect to stay in a wall tent, provided with cots and a wood stove for heat. We have a camp cook who will provide warm breakfasts, packed lunches, snacks for throughout the day, and a warm homecooked meal in the evenings. We pride ourselves in creating a clean, comfortable, and organized camp. 

Deer/Antelope hunters - Will be staying in local Cabins or Motels based out of very small Towns

Lion hunters - Motel or Elk Camp if booked in September or October

Bear hunters - small drive-in camps set up on National Forest

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