Guided Mountain Lion Hunts in Wyoming

Guided Mountain Lion Hunts in Wyoming

Mountain Lion Hunting

Year Round Mountain Lion Hunts!

Come join us for the adrenaline rush of Mountain Lion hunting. One of the ONLY outfitters in Wyoming that offers year-round lion hunting. We will use any travel means necessary to adapt to the conditions and your level of comfort, pickup, side-by-side, or horseback. All Lion hunts will based out of town and you can expect to return to your cabin or motel every night. There is almost always snow during our Full priced hunts allowing us the most common method of traveling roads until we find a track that looks desirable to pursue with our hounds. As access gets limited later in the year or during poor snow conditions, we'll hike canyons, ridges, and other places these big cats frequent.

Winter Mountain Lion Hunting Packages - 6 Day Hunt

November 1st - February 28th

Over the counter tags


Price Includes:

  • lodging and meals
  • lodging/sales tax
  • Transportation to and from Cody Regional Airport if needed.

No trophy fee or hidden costs

**Does not include License Fees**

Affordable Cougar Hunts

Discounted Lion Hunting Packages

Looking for an affordable Mountain Lion hunt?

We offer discounted Mountain Lion or Cougar hunts!

September 1st-October 31st, and March 1st- May 31st

Tags for mountain lion hunts in Wyoming are over the counter.

There are many benefits to choosing your hunt outside of the winter months! One of the struggles during the winter is access.  Deep snow and road closures due to elk wintering areas can limit our hunting late in the year. Driving roads day after day can become monotonous while tracking cougars in the snow.  Be it spring or fall, you will experience a more diverse trip along with the weather being more enjoyable.  We use a variety of hunting methods from; horse/mule back to dragging roads, making tracking easier in the dirt. If the weather does decide to turn on us, we will be utilizing pickups/UTVs. 

Benefits of hunting Mountain Lions in the Fall

  • High elevation snows can be very productive as we get to hunt areas that are only accessible in the fall
  • All of the hunt units are open as the quota resets September 1st
  • Hiking is a lot more pleasant with less snow. 
  • Next to no competition 
  • New Toms have had all summer to transition into vacant areas

Benefits of hunting mountain lions in the Spring

  • Enjoy getting out for a hunt while hunting other species is limited
  • Get to see gorgeous canyons and rims from the back of a horse/mule
  • Lions become more active as the weather warms up
  • Picking up Elk and Deer sheds during the hunt depending on where we are
  • No competition

Affordable Lion Hunts - 6 Day Hunt

September 1st- October 31st, and March 1st- May 31st


  • No trophy or hidden fees
  • Transportation to and from Cody Regional Airport if needed

Does not include License fees, lodging or meals

Hunting Mountain Lions with Hounds

Hunting Mountain Lions with Hounds

If you are looking to hunt mountain lions with a pack of hound dogs then hunting with Shell Valley Outfitters is for you! Growing up hunting with dogs, we take pride in the quality of our hound dogs. For the past thirteen years, we knew we needed to perfect the breeding of our hound dogs to be equipped to hunt in all conditions since we do offer mountain lion hunts all year round. 

A typical mountain lion hunt will begin either on horseback, UTV or in a truck riding along roadways and trails looking for fresh lion tracks. Once finding tracks we will release one dozen of our best hound dogs to get on the scent and track down the lion. We have GPS collars on our dogs so we can track their locations although it is very clear to hear the howling and sound of the hounds crashing through the brush after the lion. After the dogs have the lion treed or cornered it is then up to us the hunters to catch up and take over from there. Hunting mountain lions truly is a hunting thrill of a lifetime!

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